LetterMo 2023 Orientation

Welcome, or welcome back, to LetterMo 2023. There is a lot going on here on the Month of Letters site, as well as the related Facebook groups, I thought I’d create a handy Orientation. This is an overview of how you can engage with this site, with links to more information on any given topic.

Top Bar Menu

While some of the features on the LetterMo.com site are open to the public, many of the more interactive features require you to be logged in. These included the forums, participants and downloadable resources. If you are not logged as a participant, selecting these links will direct you back to the main site.

Forums: There are several discussion boards with various threads. This is where you can engage with fellow participants, through introductions and other topics. The best place to start? https://lettermo.com/forums/topic/lettermo-2023-start-here/

About the Challenge: A bit about the history of LetterMo, and it’s goals.

FAQ: Answers to 25 common questions about LetterMo.

Blog / Journal: Blogs, Articles and Journal Entries by Lettermo Contributors (If you’d like to contribute, check out this post.)

Participants: This page has a few options. One shows you all current members of the LetterMo.com site. One shows you all the folks you’ve created friendships with. The last allows you to search for members, by name, user name, country, or keywords in participants’ bios.

Resources: A few resources, including list of national post services, and mail missions – organizations where you can send letters for specific groups, like deployed military.

Profile: Available once you’ve logged in. The URL will be https://lettermo.com/members/YourUserName/profile/ You can access it from the top menu bar, or in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Screen capture of profile menu - Activity | Profile | Notifications | Friends | Forums | Settings
Screen capture of the Profile Menu options.
  • Activity – Post an update, view your activity from the site, mentions, favorites, and friends’ activities. https://lettermo.com/members/YourUserName/
  • Profile – View or edit your profile, change your profile picture or update your status. https://lettermo.com/members/YourUserName/profile/
  • Letters –
  • Notifications – Where you can find friend requests, and other information from the LetterMo.com site. https://lettermo.com/members/YourUserName/notifications/
  • Friends -A list of your friends, and folks requesting to be your friend. https://lettermo.com/members/YourUserName/friends/
  • Forums – A summary of your activity on the forums, including topics you started, replies you’ve made, and subscriptions https://lettermo.com/members/YourUserName/forums
  • Settings – Update your password, what emails you’d like to recieve, and profile visibility. https://lettermo.com/members/YourUserName/settings/

Contact: Where you can find Month of Letters on the internet, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Lego man with map and compass

Hopefully this helps you find your way around the LetterMo website, and as always, if you still have questions, just ask.

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