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Tell us about a letter that you sent or received that has special meaning for you

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This might seem odd, but here we go:

I am big geek and as such I go to conventions in steampunk costumes. It is great fun to meet people there. And some steampunks take a liking to penmanship as well. So for a couple of years I had a pen pal in Sweden and we used to write each other in our steampunk persona. We talked about our adventures and made sure to include outdated vocabulary and old cards to keep up the façade of two ladies in the 1880s writing to each other. It was the best and I still think about it from time to time. 


Steampunk style typewriter

David Copperfield's Hollywood Star

When I was about 10 we went to see David Copperfield perform magic at our local civic center. Afterwards I was waiting in line with my mom, clutching a purchased 8.5″ x 11″ head shot for him to sign. As we got closer to the magician himself, I realized he was signing things, and taking pictures with people, but he was not getting anything in return.

Dismayed, I asked my mom for a pen and paper, and being the woman she was, she was able to provide a small notebook and pen from her purse (a good habit I have taken up). I wrote a quick note to Mr. Copperfield, signing it with flourish.

Heart pounding, I waited while my glossy was signed, then handed him my note. I think I told him it was because he wasn’t getting anything. I no longer have the picture, but I do have a great story.

Christy S

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  1. Letters from my mom who passed away years ago are so special. I love everything about them although it makes me sad in some ways, it is a happiness in so many other ways. I love seeing her beautiful handwriting, the different stamps and what stamps cost at the time (in the 90’s). I love her everyday “conversing” with me through her words. Many of them, mailed much later than when she dated them and wrote them. You see, she was a professional procrastinator and boy can I relate. While she was good about writing, she didn’t always get them to the mailbox in a timely manner. It’s neat to read what she was up to at the time. Precious memories!

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