Where is your favorite place to write letters? To read letters?

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I usually write my letters at the very desk I work at ( I am working from home) for two very simple reasons – the light is the best and I have my washi tape and stamps right next to me.

It’s a whole different deal with reading: if it’s government letters or invoices, I read them directly in the staircase – and the same is true for postcards. Letter on my couch, with a hot beverage to really dive in.


I love to write letters sitting at my desk or the kitchen counter. I write most often with my fountain pens, so I do need a flat surface and some space to set my things out.

As for reading letters, I’ll read letters anywhere but I love to sit down with a cup of tea and my cat purring in my lap when I open letters from new and old friends.

Black and white image of woman sitting at writing desk, writing a letter

Hello, My favorite place to write letters is oddly enough at my kitchen table.

The reason being is I have a great view of my window to see all the birds at my feeders and boy do I get alot of birds! So i love sitting there at the table with my stickers, my stationery, or my plain ole notebook paper, my variety of pens, my cards, my washi tape and just write away! Very relaxing and peaceful and enjoyable! It’s just incredible to see all the birds at the feeders while I write.

If it’s night time…. and I am a night owl….I still love writing at the table but also will write on the couch with my stickers etc around me.


I love to sit in an armchair with a cup of my favorite tea and read my letters with a direct view of the trees in front of my window. When writing I prefer my desk cause I can’t concentrate on the letter fully otherwise. Although in the last years I learnt how to write on trains cause I spent a damn lot time in trains thanks to a long distance relationship.


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2 thoughts on “Where is your favorite place to write letters? To read letters?”

  1. I like to use my lap desk and write while sitting on my couch in the evenings. I get to hang out with my husband and write at the same time. Even though we are both doing different things, I am comforted by getting to hang out together after a long day.

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