Change is in the air!

We’re already halfway to 2024’s kick-off and wow, do we have news for you!

Big changes are taking place at LetterMo, including a new website, new forum, and a refresh of the social media and general vibe around here. We’re working hard to minimize the downtime for you, the members, while also maximizing the time to flex those writing fingers!

The most notable change is that we have bid adieu to our beloved founder, Mary Robinette Kowal, who has gone on to do great things with her writing career. She has entrusted the continued care of all things LetterMo to a board who is working overtime to keep the site as awesome as it was, while also breathing new life into the challenge. 

So meet LetterMo’s new board!

Chief Officer: A. Catherine Noon

Technical Operations Officer: Adam Yates

Acting Secretary: Nicole Ford Thomas

Treasurer: Christy Shorey

Membership Relations Officer: Caitlin Córdova

As a team, we’re working hard to make 2024 the best thing to happen to mail since the non-lick stamps! We appreciate your patience as we make this big change together and welcome your questions/comments at 

Stick with us, Posties! It’s about to get really good!

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