Any Time Is the Write Time!

According to one Facebook community page, January 17 (and the 17th of each month) is National Send a Handwritten Letter Day. At LetterMo, we think any time is the good opportunity to send a note, a greeting card, a novella–cheers to you, 12-page letter writers–or even an upcycled DIY postcard.

We have updated our annual list below. Click on the picture to view a larger copy or download the PDF below to print from home.

What are some other official or unofficial reasons to write? Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Any Time Is the Write Time!”

  1. Hello and thank you!
    Are we going to have a blank February calendar to print and write in our in/out letters, plus small logos to use as stickers, please?
    I’m using a phone and can’t find the forums! Sure I did before, though I seem to remember they were in a different place to where they are on a computer screen…?

    1. Elizabeth, yes there are blank February calendars available to download on our resources page ( You can find the forums under the “Member” menu, which is only visible if you are logged in to the site. If you are on your mobile, at the top right of the page you should see a hamburger menu icon, when you click on it, the members menu item will be the last one on the list. Hope that this helps!

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