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Write a Blog Post for the LetterMo Page

Blog Post solicitation

Welcome to LetterMo 2023!

The LetterMo Admins are busy dusting off the site for the new year, and we want to include you!

One of the features on this site are the blog posts that provide inspiration, reviews, and people to write – a way to be engaged with everyone, not just and individual penpal.

We know the best ideas come from members of the community, that is, YOU.

Examples of possible posts

  • Review of a book or movie that incorporates letters as a main device or theme
  • Groups seeking letters for a cause – deployed military, hospital patients, etc.
  • Discussion of your favorite writing implements
  • Ideas to make your letters stand out
  • A specific related event, celebration or date (Feb 7, 2023 is “Send a Card to a Friend Day”)
  • A challenge you’d like to pose to others, or that you have participated in

We’d love to hear from you – we even created a handy-dandy form you can uses to submit your ideas!

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