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Contribute to a Collaborative Blog Post 2024

Collaborative Blog Posts are back! This LetterMo tradition started in 2023 as a way for LetterMoians to contribute to the site blog, without the commitment of writing an entire blog post.

View submission deadlines and prompts below, and use the 2024 Contribute to a Collaborative Blog Post Form to make your submission.

Submit by 12:00 GMTPrompt
Feb 2What advice would you give for writing a letter to your future self?
Feb 6What is your favorite spot or environment for writing your letters?
Feb 10How do any traditional customs, holidays, or rituals from your culture influence your letter writing practice?
Feb 13What do you do when you’re not writing letters?
Feb 17How do you make your handwritten letters visually appealing?
Feb 20What’s the most unusual place you’ve found inspiration for a letter during LetterMo?
Feb 24Tell us about a gratitude letter you wrote during the challenge and its impact.
Feb 27What benefits have you noticed from a month of analog communication?

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