Today I posted 3 Valentines hand-folded envelopes sealed with wax. My hands are a glorious mess of ink, soot and dye.

2 letters, two different mailboxes, one wax seal.

Two more out today. Got really creative with one of these!

These three will go out tomorrow.

For more out today. Two International. Waxed and fauxstage fashioned. =)
Good practice… the countdown to February is on!

yeah, last day of the challenge 🙂 February 28th 2015 -Fleur : first letter to my new postcrossing friend Miia from Finland, written in a “modern” Janes Austen style : I mean I wrote with a callligraphy fountain pen on a modern stationery, sealed my letter with wax but enclosed it in a enveloppe (with a small extra card in a vintage small enveloppe), this enveloppe was closed by a big “Paris” masking tape