One letter to Mary Robinette. One letter to Deb. Four letters to Girls Love Mail. One letter for MLL bundle.

On the road in okayama city. So noisy…

a letter to a neighborhood friend, a postcard made out of an old calendar and a postcrossing card to Taiwan. 🙂

Feb 22, 2013. Today I mailed 5 letters, one package, and one postcard. Total items 7.

1 postcrossing card, also posting for girls love mail sent earlier this month.

4 postcards, to a friend and her three daughters respectively.

Ticking the Girls Love Mail box because I have no idea what it is but I sent a bunch of postcards to girls today who will, I hope, love mail.

Sent out a very special letter today in response to a request from The World Needs More Love Letters. It is a challenge to write to someone you know very little about, to make a connection, to find the words that will hopefully touch their heart.