last lettermo mailing!

Eleven postcards and one large envelope with long letter and a zine. Got them hand-cancelled at the local postal outlet and the clerks got a good chuckle from the profusion of vintage small-denomination stamps.

A letter to a sick friend. also a postcard to a penpal

2 handmade envelope orders, 1 short note

9 items!!

What a way to start lettermo! 2 packages, one a birthday package. 6 letters (3 of them international, and all valentines) and 1 postcard.

3postcards – two to myself while on holiday and one to a penfriend in New Zealand. love writing to myself as I remember cool stuff I did on holiday!

LEP mail

I’ve been mailing but not checking in. I’m loving the process of returning to letter writing. There’s a lot of catching up to do after a two decade break. Turns out there are lots of people I’ve thought about sending a letter but just never had a propulsion point – which is what this month is providing. It’s lovely.

Forgetting to log letters. Yesterday two birthday cards, today three letters, two postcards.

Mail Time!

I’ve mailed stuff and totally forgot to enter it. How does Life get so busy? And in such sudden bursts?