Feb. 25 – Family Mail

I sent two cards on the 25th:

  • A birthday card and gift to my sister in South Carolina
  • A much-delayed Christmas card to my nephew in Colorado. (I told him to consider it a St. Patrick’s Day card.) In my defense, he was on a cross-country drive around the holiday, and then he arrived in Colorado and was living in an old school bus converted into a tiny house, with no way of receiving mail, and then his mom, who had said I could mail stuff to her to get to him, moved and I didn’t have her new address. In any case, it took me a while to figure out how to get a letter to him.

Only four more days!


Replied to a letter received in yesterday’s mail. I’m mailing a package of items back to the sender.

One postcard, one parcel

Birthday gift for Steve

Letter for a friend in Germany. Envelope – made out of green checked see-through architect paper with stickers and a fake jewel glued onto it – also containing a wooden Swedish handmade butter knife (she looked for one when visiting me last summer, but didn’t find one she liked. I hope she’ll like this one).

A light packet/late greetings mail to my canadian friend Lyndsay & 5 postcrossing cards

A Valentine’s package to one of my soldiers.

Three letters went out today – one in reply to my dad, one (with several riddles) to my niece, and one to a new LetterMo friend. 🙂

An encouraging package sent to someone close to my heart =) Children’s book, sketchbook, and letter.

I parcel,5 postcards,2 letters