Hello there,

I am very new to this website Lettermo.com. So, it’s very hard to talk to someone who doesn’t know me yet.

I live in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA. I have a full-time job as a housekeeper inside a local hospital. It is so tiering and very boring job. But it is a job that I need right now.  I also have a small jewelry business with my parents and my sister and my two aunts.  our website for you to view http//www.CarolAllisonCollection.com

it is all of our jewelry that we made so far.




Feb. 29: The Last Day!

Yesterday was the final day of LetterMo. I had hoped to send a lot more for the grand finale, but life got in the way. I did manage to get out two pieces of mail:

  • A letter in response to a card from a LetterMo participant (and longtime penpal) in Texas. I decorated the envelope a bit, but didn’t have time for the more elaborate MailArt I would have liked to send.
  • Postcrossing card to a Postcrosser in Germany. He likes trains and he likes historic old cards, so I sent him an interesting vintage photo of trains being moved to a new location for the Virginia Transportation Museum in Roanoke, Virginia, after a disastrous flood. Here is the photo: