Hello there,

I am very new to this website Lettermo.com. So, it’s very hard to talk to someone who doesn’t know me yet.

I live in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA. I have a full-time job as a housekeeper inside a local hospital. It is so tiering and very boring job. But it is a job that I need right now.  I also have a small jewelry business with my parents and my sister and my two aunts.  our website for you to view http//www.CarolAllisonCollection.com

it is all of our jewelry that we made so far.




Our military servicemen and servicewomen need mail! What better time than Valentine month! I made sure to provide a little “eye candy” as I call it. A belly band made from beautiful paper, Calligraphy, washi and some rubber stamping.

A Valentine’s package to one of my soldiers.

letter to an old friend currently serving overseas. Much discussion of the state of US politics and also Star Wars.

1-letter to my uncle
1-letter to relative in the armed forces

I sent out two pieces of mail today – one to new friend Tish and one to Asia’s son Angel who is at a youth boot camp.

I’ve taken to hitting the postoffice in batches as opposed to daily due to the wonderful weather we’re having in up-state NY.

6 pieces over the last few days, including a valentine, letter to a friend in Norway, postcards, etc.