February 8th 2023

Sending a card of Paris to celebrate Valentin ´s day to a class from the USA 🇺🇸.

Feb. 11 – Three Cards and Letters to Family

Today I sent three cards and letters, all of them to family members:

  • A Valentine’s Day card to my mother in Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • A Get Well Soon card to my father in northern California.
  • A birthday card and letter to my older sister, also in northern California. (Actually, at the moment we are the same age, but she will be older again on her birthday next week. We were born in February and December of the same year, so we’re twins for ten months of each year!) The card shows the 1902 Klimt painting Portrait of Emilie Floge.

Here is a link to my blog post, in case you want to see that Klimt painting:

Month of Letters, Day 11

Valentines In the Mail

I printed my own Valentine’s cards from a block print image I carved in Artist & Craftsman Supply last Saturday. While I’m not feeling very romantic this year, (and who does at the end of a long Seattle winter?) I am feeling great love for my amazing friends and family.

Today I posted 3 Valentines hand-folded envelopes sealed with wax. My hands are a glorious mess of ink, soot and dye.

Our military servicemen and servicewomen need mail! What better time than Valentine month! I made sure to provide a little “eye candy” as I call it. A belly band made from beautiful paper, Calligraphy, washi and some rubber stamping.