Sent a Valentine postcard to my sweetie! ♥

Two things today: a valentine to my step mom and a letter in a handmade envelope to a friend.

1-Valentien’s card with note to great aunt
1-Valentine’s card “from” dogs to their owner

Today I sent a friend a longish letter! Almost made it Austen-style but wasn’t yet sure of the wax bleed-through.

Today I mailed out another Valentine’s Day card with stickers to a kiddo in Stratton,CO. Her mom didn’t get me their address in time to mail it out with the others. I did use a different mailbox again today so that’s 3 mailboxes in 3 days.

Day 3, email heading to another country

It is always fun to write letters, but this is especially fun!  I have added friends and picked up some new penpals which is always a good thing!

Today’s letter is a valentine and it is going to another country.  I won’t mention a name but it is going to Finland.

Outgoing to Colorado and South Dakota

Forgot yesterday! The mail yesterday was 2 pages to Richard & Barbara Binder. Today it was to Brian & Lisa Anderson of Anderson Pens.

A Valentine’s package to one of my soldiers.