last lettermo mailing!

Eleven postcards and one large envelope with long letter and a zine. Got them hand-cancelled at the local postal outlet and the clerks got a good chuckle from the profusion of vintage small-denomination stamps.

Five more….

Last night I dropped into the mailbox 3 big envelopes with zines inside, and 2 postcards.

I’ve been falling behind with the correspondence, and have well and truly dropped the ball with logging things. I am unconcerned about this, as the mailing’s the real thing, the website activity’s just an adjunct.

I mailed a letter to my Australian pen pal

Two replies going out – one local and the other to Canada 🙂

Ready on Sunday, February 1. One Swap-Bot tag to Wisconsin, one postcard to New York, one requested postcard to Utah, and one requested ATC to California.