Family Valentines went out today. Homemade. Pretty low with a cold but I made most of them yesterday and found a new mailbox after my mail carrier came hours earlier than expected!

Going out right now are 4 postcards, 1 I made and 1 going to Belgium. Then there are two zine paks with notes, 1 for someone I met recently at a mail art social and the other to a fellow lettermo member who was interested in zines. Fun fun fun!

February 11 – I mailed 6 pieces to the US and 5 pieces Internationally for a total of 11 pieces – grand total is now 98.
I found a new neighborhood and new mailboxes! Two of my letters were replies!

Loads of mail went out today, so a good start to the week. Two were orders from my etsy shop, which is always exciting for me. One was for a swap I was in on swap-bot. The other 6 were various Valentines that I made at the mail art event I went to this weekend. I hope it’s a nice surprise for everyone who gets them! p.s. does a rubber stamp count as “hand cancelled”? Cause I made an art envelope using an artists stamp and cancelled it with a rubber stamp. Now I want to make both a rubber stamp and some artists stamps!

I sent a Valentine today and another mustache mail…and I suspect I’m doing this entirely wrong because I haven’t’ been able to be in here every daaaaay and already used this today to catch up on previous mail sent. This site is a bit confusing. Tomorrow, I need to mail a reply, and next week, a package!