The Last Day! Count for Feb. 28: 18

Yesterday, the final day of the month, I tried to get out all the things I’d been meaning to mail but hadn’t quite gotten to. I didn’t quite finish; I still have a couple letters to reply to. But I was able to mail 18 things. I also managed to find a new mailbox. In fact, I found a whole new post office to mail from.

* I sent my sister in California a (late) birthday present and card.
* I mailed 8 “Girls Love Mail” letters.
* I sent a card and a copy of my one and only zine to our LetterMo founder in Chicago.
* I replied to a letter from a Texas LetterMo correspondent, whom I’ve been writing to since a prior LetterMo year.
* I replied to a letter from a LetterMo correspondent in Germany.

I also sent 6 Postcrossing cards:
* to the US (Fremont, California) a “Keep Calm & Read On” card.
* to Poland, a card with a vintage image of local landmark Mount Vernon, the estate of George Washington.
* to Ukraine, a silly card with a photo of a hamster carrying a tiny camera and appearing to take photos of a variety of tiny plastics dogs and cats.
* to Istanbul, Turkey, a picture of a Texas lighthouse.
* 2 cards to Belarus. One is a photo of Audrey Hepburn. The other is a reproduction of a movie poster from a Clark Gable/Joan Crawford film, “Strange Cargo.”


Sent two birthday messages to an aunt and uncle
Sent zines to my cousin
Also a letter to a friend.


After I logged my mail yesterday I wandered around the site for awhile. I read some of the posts wondering what a zine is, and thought for a bit, and said, “Oh, heck, why not?” So instead of finally writing the fan letter I’ve been planning for weeks, I made a zine. Started on the page layout at 6:30 pm, and finished folding, stapling and trimming the last copy at 1:45 am. Zine!

So today’s mail was five pieces: three copies of the zine with accompanying note cards; a note card letter to Mary, with a copy of the zine, some stamps to help her deal with all the LetterMo mail she’ll have to reply to when she returns home from the steampunk cruise, and a contribution toward the cost of the Web site; and, finally, the fan letter to Johnny Weir-Voronov, telling him how much I enjoyed his commentary and analysis during live feeds of the Olympic figure-skating events. Made it to the PO with twenty minutes to spare!

On the last day of Febuary i mailed a zine, birthday wishes and a postcard. two of them are replies

My Records! o.O

Today I send 12 postcards and 10 letters to all araound the world!