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Adam Yates


    Thank you for testing the site! You are right, we currently have only a simple search box in the members field–we’ve been testing and trimming back the number of plugins that were running on the old site as we figure out what is necessary as well as what is wanted. We can add that function back in.

    It is good to know that the profile image update process doesn’t work well on mobile. I’m not sure if that is something we can fix, as it is built into the plugins that run our profiles, but I’ll see if there is something that can make it nicer.

    As for members–everyone is already on this site, but the member directory defaults to recent active members–if you change the view to “alphabetical” you will be able to see everyone. Unfortunately, while we were able to import our members to the new site, the relationships between those members didn’t import, so folks will have to recreate their friendship connections on the new site.