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Cindy Tsai

    Hi All,
    Just logged in today on a laptop. Everything seem to be working well. All the info on my profile migrated. What’s new seem to be the birthday function (a default date was used, default setting is that my friends can see it) – I don’t recall this info on the previous website, but maybe I just didn’t notice. Oh, when I clicked on edit for the birthday info, it looked like other info (ie. hobbies, writing materials) didn’t migrate from the old site and needed to be selected as mandatory fields. It was pretty straight forward.

    In terms of searching for other members, it wasn’t super obvious where the info would be. I first clicked on Members-my friends, and later found “all members” when I clicked on the member tab at the top. At first glance, I didn’t realize that was an option to click, and I assumed I had to choose one of the 3 drop-down sub categories instead.

    Otherwise, so far so good. Thanks for bringing us to a new website and keeping this going!