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    Hi Rhonda! Welcome to your first LetterMo! You’ve already posted in the Introductions forum, where you can introduce yourself and read about other users. https://lettermo.com/forums/topic/introductions/ I use this space to read about users who are active in this year’s challenge, find users with similar interests, and click on their profile to add them as a friend. The site currently has over 800 users, but not everyone will be active in the February 2024 challenge. More posts will trickle in in mid-end of January (and even into February).

    As far as calendaring/scheduling your writes, what would make this most enjoyable for you? Sometimes I don’t get mail from LetterMo folks until mid-February and might need filler sends. 🙂 Do you participate in any other writing sites, like PostCrossing, where you send 1 postcard and get a postcard? I tend to count that as my “send” for the day. Also sends to family and friends, who might not be on the LetterMo site. There will also be special days, such as Feb 4, Thank a Mail Carrier Day.