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L. Evans

    Hey y’all! This is my first time doing LetterMo, or any pen pal group for that matter. Although I’m introverted, no one other than my close family and friends would know it. I’m fiercely loyal, protective of my loved ones, and never afraid to stand up for what’s right, and for those who can’t stand for themselves. I love meeting new people, learning about world cultures, and one day hope to travel the world. I had a very wild and colorful life in my younger years but have settled down quite a bit with age ????. I love history and reading. I only cook well enough to feed my family ????. I hate cleaning but hate being in messy surroundings more (so I clean out of necessity). I like hot chocolate, peppermint tea, 90s hip hop & R&B, nostalgia, mystery books and movies, and if I could do life over I would’ve been a historian.

    Pleased to meet you!