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Jessica (shiiallah)

    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica, and I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona, in the southwestern USA. I’ve been doing Lettermo off and on since 2015ish. I took a break for a few years but came back halfway through lettermo 2023 and I’m so happy I did. Always happy to meet new penpals and develop pen friendships and keep correspondence going year round. Also open to people who just want postcards now and again and are willing to send postcards about adventures. 🙂

    I’m female, in my mid-30s, I have two kittens who are still young and who are my delightful fuzzy agents of chaos, I’ve been living in the southwest for 10.5 years now but was born and raised on the East Coast of the USA… I love photography, outdoors everything (I hike, I peakbag, I backpack, I run, I bike, I triathlon and I running race), travel, crochet, fountain pens (and have more inks than a person could ever use in one lifetime), loose leaf tea (and I like coffee too), gardening and houseplants, music, cooking… the list goes on. I am sure there is something we can connect on! Just drop me a line and we’ll let the correspondence unfold.

    Happy to be here and looking forward to writing, continuing pen friendships with my current pen pals, meeting new people, and hopefully making some new lasting pen friendships. 🙂