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Mike Schumacher

    Hi Rhonda! Some great advice has been given already but I have a couple of other thoughts.

    First – claim a writing space as your own for February, ideally where you can have everything set up and ready to go within reach. There aren’t too many things that will kill momentum more than having to clear a space each day to write.

    Second – consider how much time you can spend on writing each day. That will influence if you can write letters each day or if you need to add postcards or other cards to your mix. The first few times I tried this I burnt out by the start of the last week in February because I was writing for too long after work and fall behind with errands/chores, or would get too far behind to meet the goal. Once I realized I could write about an hour a day I focused on short letters and postcards during the week, and saved the longer letters for weekends and holidays when the mail service wasn’t running.