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C Hart

    Hi! I’m new this year. I’ve been on Postcrossing for about a year and a half and have loved being on the Forum there and joining group-oriented, year-round exchanges like round robins. I’m a nerdy, outdoorsy, sciencey, artsy, LatinX gal who’s got a solid family life (wife, kid, and cat), great boundaries, and an insatiable curiosity for understanding people’s perspectives and their unique corners of the world. Social justice is super important to me and I could chat about it all day – but I’m also happy to hear knock knock jokes and musings on the weather. If February goes well and I can keep up with it, I’d be happy to keep pen-palling during the year. But like I said – great boundaries. I don’t want to disappoint anyone so I’ll be transparent about what’s possible from the get-go. 🙂 I have a few pen-pals from Postcrossing, and I tend to send thick happy-envelopes that include a few pages of a letter or a mini-pile of postcards, each with a different topic, and some stickers or other goodies. Cheers!

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