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    Hey everyone,

    Well, I signed up for this and immediately felt totally daunted by the project, but I’m sticking with it. As much as I want to be more connected to the world that I’m always observing, I also want to show my girls about actually putting these connections into action. I’m Chris, down here in Georgia (US). This is my first time doing LetterMo, or anything similar. I was a part of the Letter Writer’s Alliance back in the day, but I essentially let it go due to unreliable mail delivery. Moved a few years ago to a better place and decided it was time to try again, so here I am. I feel like learning every day is the most important way to live, and I’ll delve into pretty much any subject. The amount of nonsensical trivia that rattles around in my head is shocking. I cook every night, so food thoughts are usually close by, modern or historical. I see it as a great window into culture. And I promise to do my best to write by hand, but if I get swamped, instead of throwing up my hands, I’ll probably type out my responses. Better to have something over nothing. Thanks!