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Brenda Nave

    Hello! I’m Brenda and I live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA. This is my first foray into the world of “online” pen pals. I’ve been a letter writer all my life and now hope that I can meet the challenge of sharing letters with others all over the globe. I love to learn, so tell me about you, your interests and talents, and or the area you live in. Letters. postcards, scraps of notes-any and all would be fine.

    I am retired, live with 4 cats that make my day, take care of numerous indoor plants, read fiction and nonfiction, tend 14 raised beds for veggies during our growing season (mid-May thru September), sew, craft, crochet, and fight a never ending battle against clutter (currently losing). And, in spite of my osteoarthritis eating away all my joints, I join my daughters in an annual 5K on Thanksgiving (I walk, they run). I hope to start hiking more often soon; joining my older daughter in quest of the high points of all 48 contiguous states.

    Looking forward to friend requests and the entire LetterMo experience.