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    Hey everyone! I’m writing from the US.

    I have been mailing things since the age of 18 when I was an exchange student in Brazil. I’m 29 now.
    ❤️ In terms of mail, I absolutely swoon over receiving blank handmade papers, tea, flowers/floral anything, and mail-themed images in any form. I also love things written on a typewriter!! I also ALSO love all things whimsical/fairy-vibes, night sky, wishes, etc.

    I’m into meditation, gardening, minimalism, yoga, literature. I have a lot of friends and love making them laugh and feel understood, preferably at once. 🙂

    I’m a Virgo, so I created a spreadsheet outlining who I’m mailing on which day. I’ve got half the month covered…

    **At this point, if you feel drawn to me, I’d love for you to:
    1. Send me a friend request
    2. Message me letting me know that you can initiate the first letter (and when, if you are taking an organized approach to this challenge lol). I will definitely write you back!

    I’m really excited for this mysterious month. ❤️