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Emma S.

    Hello, I’m Emma and I’m also writing from Massachusetts in the US 😀 I just started with Postcrossing in 2023 as I was looking for a letterwriting group to join. Then, when I heard about LetterMo I thought it’s be another great way to write even more letters! I have one close friend who I still exchange letters with, but with most of my other friends it’s digital correspondences. I’m enjoying the opportunity to write and mail even more letters, though. I’ve got quite a bit of stationary saved up that I’m excited to use in this Letter Writing Month. I’m a big traveler and will be traveling for a bit in February in Ireland, but I plan on still dropping off letters even while abroad. I would love to hear about others’ traveling experiences, their books (most or least favorite), their hobbies, or their plans for the future. Please contact me if you’d like to correspond together 🙂