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    Hello, I’m Francesca from Italy and I live near Milan.
    Glad to be back for another LetterMo!

    When I was younger, I used to exchange letters with several penpals around the globe; although I am still in contact with some of them, the frenzy of our daily adult lives and faster messaging opportunities made the habit and pure joy of writing letters fade away…
    Until I joined Postcrossing in 2019: this brought my love for snail mail to a higher and more sophisticated level, but random exhanges of postcards rarely result in a true friendship. I was looking for something more gratifying.

    Two years ago I joined LetterMo, with the hope to meet new penpals, ladies with whom I can build a human relationship and let a long-term epistolary friendship grow, swapping long letters (and postcards sometimes, but they are always too tiny for all the thoughts I want to express) about ourselves, our lives and any topic we wish to share.
    Since I already have many penpals, unfortunately I cannot afford accepting all the requests I receive (both my time and my budget are limited), sorry about that – but I always selectively welcome new penpals if I think we would be a good match (I especially appreciate exchanges in a variety of languages, and from different corners of the world).
    I can be a slow replier (my sense of guilt never abandons me, but my days are hectic), moreover transit times got much worse after the pandemic… anyway a reply will always come from me.
    The past few months have been rough, the sense of isolation in my life is very high and my motivation for human interactions dropped significantly, but… this month will hopefully help me to get back on track with long overdue replies and a fun writing rhythm.

    Something more about myself:
    I’m a lifetime learner.
    After making music for my entire life, I’m currently studying violin.
    Foreign languages play an important role in my life, both professionally and in my personal contacts. Always happy to chat and write in the eleven languages in my “collection”, but I’m interested in learning more.

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