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Lisa Warner

    Hello Friends! I’m Lisa, and this is my third year?fourth year?I’ve participated in Lettermo. I always love to meet new friends via letters all over the world, and I hope to hear from you! I’m located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I’m a lover of fountain pens, inks, and all things stationery. My dog Tootie rules my world, and I love old movies (pre 1950), Ziegfeld Follies, fashions of the 1920s and 30s, nature, animals, reading, travel, and knitting. I’m rediscovering my love for embroidery and just made the foray into beaded embroidery. I’m hooked!
    Last fall I took a tumble and suffered a compound fracture of my leg which is still in the healing stages. I’m luckily able to work from home while on the mend, and I’d really love to hear from you, as being sequestered in my home can be quite dreary. Hurry up bones! Heal already! haha However, as a consequence, I’m at the mercy of loving friends and family to post my letters and pick up correspondence from you weekly. I may be slow but I will respond!!