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    Hello from Leipzig, Germany.
    I’ve been participating in LetterMo since 2015.
    Although everyone says I’m 40 now – soley based on the fact I was born in 1984 – I’m 25 ???? . I love writing letters, have an unhealthy addiction to cute stationery and writing tools and cats are my favorite animals. I hope to be a cat in my next life.

    In September 2022 I became mother of a little girl – so my days are quite busy.

    Although this year, I’m focusing on the existing penpals I still have, I’m open for new acquaintances. But please be aware, that I don’t have much time to write long and epic letters. I used to enjoy writing them but now I prefer writing short letters, folded cards or even postcards – everything that fits into naptime.
    Shorter but more frequent ????

    P.S.: Love the new and shiny website!