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    Hello all! I am back after a couple year hiatus…sometimes life just gets in the way doesn’t it? I hope to reconnect with old friends and meet some new. I think I might be one of the few “postal” peaple on here. Started as a carrier in 1989, went up the ranks from Postmaster to now at HQ in Washington D.C. working on policy, boring things and such. Many times I wish I was still out there delivering…although it is hard on the body. Please always be kind to you delivery person, even when they seem grumpy…you never know when they have just been chased by a mean dog (turkey/bull/fill in the blank) or have an infected paper cut (equally as irritating). Enough asking for love for the carriers – I know most of you really appreciate them.

    I love postcards! Easy way to put a smile on someones face is sending a random postcard. Or for the month of February, a handwritten letter. I would love to hear about your life, even the simplest thing such as your morning coffee/tea/breakfast routine. Or share a family tradition you love. Or something personal you love, song recipe, pet peeve, whatever.

    I love
    The Sunday Samuri Sudoku in the Sunday Washington Post
    My 3 grown boys…nothing like hanging out with your adult children and drinking bourbon
    Sports – but it’s pretty specific to my baseball & football teams…I am still a girl
    Vintage just about anything, but have started to love mid-century modern
    Travel – continual learning about new things, and beaches aren’t bad either
    Art – I create, is it good? I don’t know, and don’t really care…that’s not the point
    True Crime, tv crime…sometimes my kids laugh like I like all the murder shows, but I do love a good murder mystery or a plain ole CSI
    Museums – I live in the city of all the free museums. I also visit museums when I travel (to be truthful, mainly it’s because I can find the best
    postcards there 🙂 I love going on the docent tour and getting the real scoop on the art – I should do that more often

    I am happy for any snailmail received! I will happily respond to everything. Happy Month of Letters! xoxo