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    G’day to everyone from down under Australia where as each new day passes on by along the journey of life I tend to be inclined to want to use technology less and less and pen and paper more and more.

    I have always been an avid lover of all things stationery and have been writing to penpals for many years. I enjoy being able to hold a letter in my hand and read it knowing that someone has taken time out of their busy day to think of me and put pen to paper to chat and share snippets of their every day life. Much as I would dearly love the chance to travel around the world realistically I might never get the chance so instead my next best option is being able to travel and get a glimpse of the world through being able to exchange letters and postcards. I look forward to when the month of February rolls around and everyone eagerly awaits the opportunity to spread joy around the world through the exchanging of letters and postcards. Long may the love of letter writing continue.

    When I am not immersed in my love of all things stationery by writing letters, journaling, planning, fallen down the deep, dark hole that is fountain pens and attempting to dabble in all things paper craft related then I can often be found lost between the pages of a book reading, word puzzles, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, growing sunflowers and continuing on my never ending quest to becoming more of a minimalist and living a slow and intentional life.

    Happy to exchange both letters and postcards and always welcome new penpals who enjoy writing letters year round.

    Happy LetterMo everyone.