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    It has been challenging here as well; it’s a bit of a hike up to my nearest postbox and I was snowed in for a few days last week, so there is a little gap in my sending! Not in my writing, though – I just sent out my 18th and 19th letters today! That being said, collections from the post box have changed to mid-mornings now, so they won’t go anywhere until tomorrow. I used to be able to count on mail being picked up at the end of the day, so I could usually drop letters in and know they’d get moving that same day. But it looks like mail is now collected in the mornings instead, so now nothing I drop off leaves until 9am the following day!

    I’m working through my list of folks to write to slowly. When I first started adding people I thought I might need to supplement with Postcrossings but I’m chugging through! I’m also taking advantage of there being a bit of a delay, given that I’m in the UK. I’ve only had two letters so far (one right at the start, and one yesterday) but that will probably change as things catch up over here. If not I still have plenty of folks to write to 🙂