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      Michele Risner

        Are you ready for Lettermo? Just a few days left, to gather your writing materiels, envelops, stamps, stickers, washi tape, and whatever else you use. I have to say I am, once again, not all that organized, even though I intended to be. I do have a stack of Valentine cards here ready to address and send out, and a pile of penpal letters to reply to, so I should be off to a good start. How do you keep track of everything? Do you have a system, or like me, do you just wing it? In the past I tried spreadsheets; a notepad to annotate who I received letters from and who I mailed them to. I’d forget to take photos for my instagram (don’t forget to use the hashtag #lettermo2024 there are others as well…follow the Monthofletters account on IG). I’m going to try to take better/more creative pictures of the letters/cards I post to make them more interesting. Feel free to follow me on IG at @michelecreates

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        Emily K

          I am so unorganized, although recently I got a little writing desk that fits in the corner of my room…should I admit I found it in the street corner, but it’s actual wood,and has a fold-down door, so it hides all the stationary clutter when I’m not using it. I love it. I have a basket with cards and postcards sorted by theme, and a box of stamps and one of stickers. Lol. That’s as far as I’ve gotten for organizing.

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          Kerr Reno

            This year I’ll put together a spreadsheet to keep track of things. I still have stamps from when I last corresponded with folks, though I’m not sure if I have enough for the whole month.

            I also have my usual big old box of business envelopes from Costco.

            But I have to scrounge in the attic for my wax seal and the wax of course… not critical but nice.

            I should have enough stationery but I know for sure I have some fountain pen friendly junior legal pads. Those aren’t as intimidating as facing the big blank page of a typical legal pad.

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              Michele Risner

                I’ve used a spreadhseet the past 3 years, this year I went simpler….just a notebook and I’m writing down addresses as I go.

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                I printed off some stickers from the Resources page ( – to add to letters. I’m a fan of the new buttons-like options.

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