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        The stamp question made me curious about something else I’ve often wondered about. Does everyone around the world have mail delivery over six days? Granted, I mostly wonder because my deliverer doesn’t always make it every day, most days for sure. Here in the US and I think this hemisphere, they take Sunday off (save a few specific cost-extra deliveries), but what about everyone else? I assume Israel may take off Saturday, but what about places in Asia? Just a curiosity to me. Thanks!

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        Adam Yates

          Here in Canada, we only get mail deliveries Monday-Friday. No Saturdays up here! We also have a LOT of postal holidays, corresponding with the statutory holidays.

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          Madeleine Nyvall

            In Sweden we have post delivered rediges to every other day. Before this post was delivered five days a week. For a two week period, we are now down to receiver mail on five out of ten possible days. PostNord has also suggested they should be allowed five days to deliever a domestic letter… it’s a dumpster fire really. Haha!

            They are putting all resources towards packages etc, so I get that. Well I’m trying to go about LetterMo as if I was recieving post five days a week.

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              Madeleine Nyvall

                Autocorrect was set to swedish… I also blame PostNord for this. 😉

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                In Australia mail is delivered five days a week Monday to Friday.

                In New Zealand my mother has mail delivered on Monday – Wednesday – Friday.

                So interesting how mail can vary depending on where you happen to live in the world.

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                  In Italy we have just Monday to Friday delivery.

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