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      Adam Yates

        As we all gather supplies for LetterMo this year, I’m curious about what the price of stamps are for you in your country? How does domestic vs international rates compare?

        Here in Canada, domestic stamps are $.92CAD, while postage to send mail to the USA is $1.30CAD, and all other international mail is $2.71CAD.

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          In Italy, these are the rates for economy mail (already quite expensive, I never use priority because postage rates would be too high) up to 20 g:
          domestic € 1.25
          Europe and Mediterranean countries € 1.30
          Africa/America/Asia € 2.45
          Oceania € 3.20

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              Canada Post is making a significant price increase for all stamps on May 6th, 2024

              P or Permanent stamps (our main domestic stamps) are going from 92 cents to 99 cents.

              US rate stamp will go from $1.30 to $1.40 & the int’l rate stamp will go from $2.71 to $2.92.

              Something else also worth noting is that the US and Int’l stamps may in the future be discontinued, according to a Postcrosser who posted this information last week.

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                Adam Yates

                  Interesting, so would we just make up the difference with denominated stamps to reach US or International rates? Because Canada Post has been phasing out the denominated stamps as well.

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                In the USA, prices recently increased last week as part of an ongoing overhaul of our postal service. (Which is a bit controversial to be honest.)

                A first-class stamp (normal domestic) is $0.68.
                An international stamp, which applies to all letters or postcards going abroad, is $1.55.
                Domestic postcard stamps are $0.53.

                Packages vary in price according to how quickly you want it delivered (the sooner the more expensive), and if you want any extra features like higher insurance or certified mail. You can also get flat-rate boxes from our postal service if you want to know before you send how much it’ll be.

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                  I should add that USA “modern” stamps are considered “Forever” stamps, so the stamps I purchased before the price increases will be honored at the current going rate. I have a pretty large stamp cache spanning back years, which means some of my stamps have appreciated in value more than most investments. This only applies to stamps that are “Forever” stamps, though. Stamps that have a printed amount on them are only honored at that printed amount. (This is why I’m amazed at letter writers who use “vintage” stamps with printed amounts. I tried to do that for a while, but doing all the math and keeping up with current going rates was difficult.)

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                      Same principle in Italy.
                      Rates keep increasing (last time on July 24, 2023).
                      Since 2016 we have “Forever” stamps, too (without printed amount), they only show:
                      – A (priority) or B (economy);
                      – weight group (from 50 g and over);
                      – for international stamps, also the zone is mentioned (zone 1 for Europe and Mediterranean countries, zone 2 for Africa/America/Asia, or zone 3 for Oceania).
                      However it is still possible to use older stamps with the amount printed (if issued from 1967 onwards): this means that we can use “forever” stamps (with no printed value), stamps with a printed value in EUR, stamps with the value printed in EUR/ITL (transition years) or even stamps with the value printed in ITL (Italian Lire, the currency we had until 2002).

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                      Our stamp prices keep going up too – a domestic letter is $1.20 so long as it is standard size, sometimes it is $2.40 if it is a big card. Postcards for overseas were $3.30 last I sent one and letters are the same.

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                      Madeleine Nyvall

                        Stamps in Sweden are getting pricey. New inrease in prices this year. Domestic is 18 swedish krona, SEK, with is 2 USD, and 36 SEK for international, 3 dollars for international (50 gram).

                        Also post is only delivered every other day, so two days one week and three days the week after and so on.

                        I’m trying not to apply these delivery rules to lettermo though. ????

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                        Helena Prümm


                          in Germany the stamps are quite cheap. Domestic postcard 0,70€, domestic letter 0,85€. An international postcard costs 0,95€ an international letter 1,10€. when it comes to special sizes it can get expensive though. When you get over the regular 20g per letter the price increases to 1,70€ international and 1,45€ (I am not sure about that last price) for domestic letters. The Deutsche Post is very strict on the weight. So if you put too many stickers on the envelope, you better check the weight twice!

                          I never realised these forever stamps, even though I already got a lot of lettersor cards from US… here in Germany you have to buy additional postage every other year. This is why we have all kinds of stamps with postages that noone really needs, like 0,80€ where you need 0,85 for a letter. Or 0,02€ – you could fill the whole envelope with stamps!

                          have you ever noticed, how different the stamp sizes are? Sometimes it is almost impossible to put everything on the envelope – address, return address, stamp, additional postage stamp, priority sticker…

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                            Adam Yates

                              Yes, Canada seems to oscillate between the tiniest stamps and the largest stamps that make it hard to put even one on a smaller envelope. We don’t have to worry about Priority stamps, however, as all our mail moves at the same speed–in its own good time 🙂

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                              Bonnie Jeanne

                                I thought we had fair pricing in US but you have got us beat! Your international rate is quite a bit less (I converted the € to $). I send less internationally than I once did because the rates have increased so much in recent years but I still think I am getting a great deal with the price of a stamp.

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                              Lyneen Jesse

                                I have a local coin and stamp store that I go to get older stamps. I love adding older stamps to make up the total. People seem to love the unique stamps I can find. This time I picked up James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, all the states, Yoda, 200 1cent cat stamps and a collection of birds and animals. Wish I could upload a picture to show you how beautiful they are.

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                                  Bonnie Jeanne

                                    I used to have a subscription with a man who had tons of vintage US postage he sold for just a teeny bit above face value (to compensate his time and efforts). I got a bit overwhelmed with all the small denominations and found I was spending too much time calculating postage so I cancelled the subscription but still have lots of it leftover. Hoping to use it all up this year.

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                                        Who is the subscription provider, if I may ask?

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                                        Bonnie Jeanne

                                          I don’t know if he is still doing this, but his name is Errol Murphy. I am 99% sure his service is long gone.

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                                        In Australia the price of domestic stamps are $1.20.

                                        For international stamps the prices are:

                                        New Zealand $2.70
                                        Asia Pacific $3.10
                                        USA & Canada $3.70
                                        UK & Europe $3.90
                                        Rest Of The World $4.30
                                        Postcard $3.00

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                                          In the UK now our standard first class UK mail is £1.25 and international is £2.20

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                                          Hilpi Toikka-Haldin

                                            In Finland the price of a domestic stamp is 2,30 €. The price of international stamps are 2,30 € (economy) and 2,50 € (priority). 2,50 € is 2,70 USD.

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                                              Interesting subject matter. In Japan, it is pay-as-you-go, with the following rates for up to 25g.

                                              Domestic mail 84 JPY (becoming 110 yen in autumn)
                                              Asia 120 JPY
                                              North America / Europe / the Middle East and Oceania 140 JPY
                                              Central and South America / Africa 160 JPY

                                              and Postcard 100 JPY

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                                                Oh how I would love the US prices for postage…. However, Royal Mail has other ideas.

                                                2nd class domestic is 75p, supposed to arrive within 3 working days (shoved into a search engine, says this is 0.94 USD)
                                                1st class domestic is £1.25, supposed to arrive next working day (1.57 USD)
                                                first band for airmail/international standard is £2.20 (2.77 USD)
                                                first band for international economy (surface mail) for outside of Europe is £2.00 (2.52 USD)

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                                                    And &^%$£”! Royal Mail have announced postage rate rises for the 2nd April.

                                                    2nd class = 85p
                                                    1st class = £1.35
                                                    Surface mail / international economy outside Europe = £2.20
                                                    Airmail / international standard = £2.50

                                                    Further details to read and weep over can be found on the Royal Mail site.

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