Frequent Questions

What is the Month of Letters Challenge?

It’s a simple challenge with two parts.

  1. In the month of February, mail at least one item through the post every day.
  2. Write back to everyone who writes to you!

Once you have signed up and have been approved, you can log in to the LetterMo forums and find a penpal match and interact with other members.

Can I send a postcard?

Absolutely. The goal is to remember the joy of getting something in the post. 

Do I have to write to a different person each day?

Nope! Break it up however you like.

Is there a hashtag for Month of Letters?

Yes. It’s , use it on your favorite social media site so others can see!

I’m having trouble signing up and/or logging in and/or activating my account.

After signing up, your registration is put into a queue for review. There are real live humans who review and approve each registration to keep spam bots out of the site. If you do not receive an account activation email within 24 hours or have other issues logging in, please contact admin and we’ll get it straightened out!

Can I send something other than a letter or postcard?

Yes. You can send anything that your letter carrier can deliver. Photos, art, fabric swatches, stickers, anything really. In fact, check out this biscuit that was mailed home by a university student in 1959!

Who writes first?

The individual who requests the friendship should send the first letter once the friendship has been accepted by the requested.

Other Questions?

Head over to the forums to ask other questions of the admins or the Month of Letters community!