From the Mail Bag – Postcard from @RealSwanky

Our Mail Bag blog posts feature letters and postcards that members send to us at LetterMo to share with the community. You can submit content to the Mail Bag by following the instructions at Mail-In Blog Submissions.

We’ve received our first mail-in letter from Caitlin (@realswanky), writing in from Canada! Caitlin sent in a colourful and retro hand-made card featuring some great stickers and a few fauxstage stamps–a new term we are adding to our repertoire at the LetterMo world headquarters.

Caitlin writes:

How gutted I felt when Canada Post discontinued “Picture Postage,” REALLY! But when fluxus closes a door it opens a window, I now exist as fauxstage. Phew. –


Editor’s Note: For those who are unfamiliar with Picture Postage, for a number of years Canada Post allowed customers to upload their own pictures to be printed onto actual postage stamps which would then be sent to you for use on letters and postcards. Sadly, it was discontinued in the last year or two and we are all deprived of the opportunity of seeing our pets on postage stamps here in the Great North.

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