From the Mailbag – Mail Art from Leslie

Our Mail Bag blog posts feature letters and postcards that members send to us at LetterMo to share with the community. You can submit content to the Mail Bag by following the instructions at Mail-In Blog Submissions.

This mail-in entry to the LetterMo blog comes from Leslie Kane, writing from the United States. Leslie’s ink work and lettering are absolutely stunning–the pictures almost don’t do it justice–the artwork on the envelope gives a hint as to what is within, which blossoms as you open the letter. We especially love that the calligraphy on the inside of the letter reads out the greeting, “hello.” Thank you Leslie for writing in!

Hello! This letter is my submission for the blog. I saw the IG post & thought I’d send an entry.

I love snail mail as well as a fun challenge.

My penmanship isn’t the best so I’m challenging myself to hand-letter my entry, as normally, I type my correspondence.

For the envelope, I used a folded pen with a bit of akim lettering, same as with the design to the left. I chose colors to try & match the stamp.

I’ve been lettering & partaking in snail mail exchanging for over 30 years. It’s a fun hobby for me and a huge passion. I know a lot of styles, but am partial to gestural/expressive lettering.

You can find me on IG at “Olovey1“.

Leslie Kane

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