Funding LetterMo's Future

Funding LetterMo’s Future

LetterMo is run by volunteers dedicated to keeping the Month of Letters an active community. Unfortunately, hosting a webpage and ensuring that it meets the needs of the community requires not only the time and energy of our volunteers, but money to “keep the lights on.”

Last year we conducted our first fundraiser through GoFundMe and achieved our goal of 1,000 $ US. With that money we were able to transfer the site to a new hosting platform, register the domain name, and rebuild the site to make the experience better.

We are looking for a sustainable plan to fund LetterMo, so the site can keep up with the times and smoothly run no matter how we grow. Donations will go toward expenses to keep the website running as well as improvements to this community as we move forward.

There are various platforms that we could use, with different models of fundraising. How would you like to see fundraising for LetterMo’s future handled? Take the survey here:

With Gratitude

Christy – LetterMo Treasurer
on behalf of your LetterMo Admin Board

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