How do any traditional customs, holidays, or rituals from your culture influence your letter writing practice?

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I haven’t any cultural influences but am curious to read examples!


Christmas is the most important for me, a lot of cute and shinny stationery with love. But i like write for Halloween and Valentine as it’s not a french tradition.

Last year, I happened to find a few Diwali cards at a local store and loved being able to share some of my South Asian heritage with my friends and penpals. Its so rare to find cards in Canada that are culturally significant to marginalised communities, so one has to relish the opportunity to share them when the opportunity presents itself.

Mostly, I find cards with bookish themes to share my love of reading with others. It is easier to find cards that relate one’s hobbies than to find cards that relate to my culture or traditions.


For lunar new year this year, I looked for inks with the word “dragon” and a colour that fit the theme. I landed with Diamine red dragon. I have a very limited number of postage stamps with the same theme, but I’ll be using them for some special letters. There are also some stickers and washi tapes, which I do for other holidays as well. Oh, one custom I follow is to never use red ink for someone’s name. It’s considered a taboo, and I never know what others’ comfort levels are. – BooksPaperNature

I do love Halloween!


I’m a big Jane Austen fan, and I did some research into the paper she would have used to write her letters back in the early 1800s and how she would have folded them before mailing them. It’s totally different to how we fold letters now, but I think it makes for a very interesting surprise in the your mailbox! – yaymalika

I don’t really have any cultural traditions that impact my letter writing – though maybe if I did, I would be more consistent about it. Do you have any customs, holidays or rituals that influence your letter writing?

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