Today, Tuesday, Feb. 9, I mailed 6 items, including one that I’ve been meaning to send off for months and am so relieved to have taken care of!

* I sent my sister Karen in California a birthday card and gift, along with a CD of my son’s latest original music.
* I sent a student a medal she won in an arts competition I run. She wasn’t at the awards ceremony months ago, and I kept forgetting to bring it to her. LetterMo made me think about it and realize I should just stick it in the mail, rather than continue waiting for a convenient time to figure out where she is and bring it to her personally.
* I wrote a letter to a LetterMo participant in the Pacific Northwest, someone I’d never corresponded with before.
* I sent a postcard of a pretty stone bridge in the forest to a Postcrosser in Ukraine.
* I sent a postcard showing the Washington Monument at night to a Postcrosser in France.
* And I sent a postcard with an aerial view of Homer, Alaska, to a Postcrosser in the Czech Republic.