Living in a rural area, I don’t get to the post office each day. So, on Monday I mailed two Valentine’s Day cards to my sister and brother. This is the first Valentine’s Day since our mom died in August 2015. She would have sent Valentine’s Day cards to us all, so I wanted my younger brother and sister to know that I was thinking of them on this holiday. Our father died in 2012, so now it is just us three and our families. Lots of difficult changes in the past six months.

Also mailed a card to a man I write to in Texas through a prison ministry program (it’s through the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Church of the Larger Fellowship’s program). I’ve been sending him sections of a book he requested so that he could use it to teach other men in a small group he’s started there. He’s made a lot of progress and growth since I’ve been writing to him several years ago.

Received a five-page letter from another man who I write to Missouri through the prison ministry program yesterday, so I’ll be writing back to him today and sending him a card as well. He has a rather high-profile case and is wrongfully imprisoned. Writing to him has been quite eye-opening in terms of the criminal justice system, and the process one has to undergo in order to get out.