Hmm…I didn’t realize I was supposed to enter my outgoing mail every day, although of course that makes sense. Is there any way to catch up? I have been rocking LetterMo so far! I’ve mailed at least one item every day possible, and sometimes many more than one. I had a nifty set of Beatles notecards that I offered to LEP friends and sent them all out on the same day (Feb 3), resulting in a 20-letter total for that day. For the month so far (Feb 1-10), I’m up to 39 letters and postcards–mostly to LEP members, plus a thank-you note to a local friend.

Since I’m not sure about entering a catch-up total for the month to date, I’ll just put in today’s tally in the box below: two LEP replies sent, letters’ #38 and 39 for the month so far.