I’ve fallen terribly behind in updating this, so here’s a summary for the last several days…

Feb 11:
-Wrote and mailed 2 postcards (headed to Canada and Mexico)
-Started writing a letter to a penpal in USA (5 8×10 pages!)

Feb 12:
-Wrote 3 postcards (headed to Canada, Japan, and USA)

Feb 13:
-Wrote 3 postcards (headed to Canada, Germany, and India)
-Finished writing the USA penpal letter (another 5 pages, resulting in a rather impressive 10 8×10 pages, all handwritten!)

Feb 14:
-Started a letter to a penpal in Finland

Feb 15:
-Mailed 5 of the items from Feb 12-14 (needed more stamps for the rest)
-Finished writing the Finland penpal letter (included a Valentine)
-Wrote 2 postcards (headed to Australia and Finland)
-Assembled a small package (including 2 written postcards and a valentine) headed to Italy
-Wrote a letter to a lettermo participant in Italy

Feb 16 (today):
-Mailed the remaining items from Feb 12-15
-Assembled and mailed a small package (including 2 written postcards and the abovementioned letter) for a lettermo participant in Italy.
-Wrote and mailed a letter and small birthday card to a penpal in Canada