This report will be a summing-up; I only made daily reports once or twice during the month. I met the challenge, but my output was way down from previous years — on fifteen days I sent out only one letter or postcard. I sent far fewer pieces that were basically “hi-howaya,” and concentrated on writing to people to whom I had specific things to say. Almost every envelope had a doodle or a more elaborate drawing on it, so a lot of my letter-writing time went to envelope work. The letters I knew I’d have difficulty with remain unwritten, and there are quite a few boxes on my “be-sure-to-write-to” list that remain unchecked, so I’ll extend the challenge into March. (Maybe we should have a stamp for “A Month of Letters: The Extended Version.”

The number below is my total for the last day of the month; I could have sent plain envelopes and checked off more people on my list, but a few days ago some fun note cards I ordered arrived, and they practically demanded envelope art.

For the whole month my mailings break down as follows: 25 cards or letters, 20 with envelope art, 3 Austen style, 1 international; 14 postcards, 1 with additions to the image; 1 package.