Monday, Feb. 29, the FINAL DAY OF LETTERMO!

I sent a birthday card to my sister in South Carolina.

I sent two Postcrossing cards, a nautilus shell to the Netherlands, and a landscape with a lake shore under a dramatic sky to Trinidad & Tobago.

I’d been wanting to write a Jane Austen letter all month, so I figured this would be my last chance. There was another LetterMo member I’d been meaning to write to all month, someone I hadn’t written to before. So I decided she would get the Jane Austen letter. Unfortunately, the only old-fashioned pen I had on hand was too wide, so the writing doesn’t have that delicate, spidery look I would have liked. but I was glad to finally send off a Jane Austen letter this year.

I also found another new mailbox.

And that’s a wrap.