Last week I sent out three historical photo cards of Seattle views, bought on Vashon Island where I was visiting friends while in Seattle for the Midwinter ALA, where I learned this game was coming up for February.
After I got back, a fourth such card got mailed to my neighbor who also loves ferries (historical photo of the ferry journey I made in a more modern boat on the 29th of January).
Today, I have written a love note on a card with a photo of a field of California poppies to a friend with whom I blew poppy seeds into a field on our last visit to a particular trysting place.
I wrote a card printed from a traditional two-reindeer scherenschnitte papercut, to bring the wheel around from Yule to Candlemas with my folks.
That’s six items mailed since January 31!
We also mailed three packages home to ourselves from the library conference, but I’m not counting those, since it wasn’t for this challenge; it’s just that books and paper are heavy and the lovely Post Office runs a big station right in the Exhibits hall, even on Sunday, for to be kind to librarians sending home Things.

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